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AM Report for Jean Marc Bourdaret

The report I sent to the DAM, minus the sensitive bits...

---------- Forwarded message ----------
Date: Sun, 19 Nov 2000 20:37:07 -0700 (MST)
From: tony mancill <tony@mancill.com>
To: da-manager@debian.org, new-maintainer@debian.org
Cc: Jean-Marc Bourdaret <casi@ifrance.com>
Subject: AM Report for Jean Marc Bourdaret

I'm happy to report that Jean Marc Bourdaret has satisfied the application
requirements for Debian maintainership such that this report can be
forwarded to the Front Desk.  He has also survived the DLW (Debian Long
Wait) once he was assigned an AM due to a host of scheduling and time
restraint problems on my part.


Jean Marc his GPG key signed by Rafael Laboissiere (<rafael@debian.org>)

pub  1024D/65057FC2 2000-03-14 Jean Marc Bourdaret <casi@ifrance.com>
sig        65057FC2 2000-03-14  Jean Marc Bourdaret <casi@ifrance.com>
sig        4A5D72FE 2000-04-13  Rafael Laboissiere <rafael@laboissiere.net>


Jean Marc and I met in IRC and discussed various aspects of working
with/for Debian.  He demonstrated understanding of existing procedures
and a willingness to abide by these procedures in the future.


Jean Marc has done a good job of puting together the gtans, twin, and
libtw packages; it's impressive to see a new maintainer taking on library
packages.  He is also willing to ask questions when need be.


I recommend that Jean Marc's application for maintainership be processed.

tony mancill

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