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Re: Jackd hell and other oddities

On Wed, Apr 11, 2007 at 02:37:53AM +0200, Free Ekanayaka wrote:
> If my interpretation is correct, my question is, Marco according to
> your experience is the installation of a multimedia/desktop kernel on
> a plain Debian (or Linux) distribution enough to fill the
> responsiveness gap?

/etc/security/limits.conf needs to be set up as well. It's a simple
step, but I guess it would be good if users didn't have to ask about it.

If the multimedia kernel includes ingo's rt patches, then some script
to set IRQ priorities and such, like Rui's rtirq thing, is also needed.

I feel like there must be something else, but maybe it's just remnants
of historical cruft lingering in my brain from earlier years when this
stuff took more effort ...

>   >>1) Include in Debian a Multimedia/Desktop Kernel
>   IVT> I agree it should also be available an apt-get away nevertheless.
> This is actually not that straight. I've tried to that myself about
> one year ago, and the feedback from the debian-kernel folks was really
> positive, but also clear in the "guarantees" that the possible
> multimedia kernel maintainer should offer. I was basically said that
> if I wanted a multimedia flavour to be added, I also had to be
> available to provide support for the security updates, both in stable
> and in testing. This request is pretty reasonable to me, but also
> quite demanding, and I'm not sure if we, as Debian Multimedia Team,
> have the forces to keep with such a task.

Of how many active developers does the Multimedia Team currently
consist? and can we recruit more?

Are those handling the alsa packages here? what about xiph-maintainers?
are there other groups? maybe the gst maintainers? I don't know for
sure, but I feel like there must be many more debian-devs who care about
audio and video than those who currently participate in this list.

(I intend to begin the new maintainer process this year, but I don't
count, yet.)

>   >>2) Make Jackd usable out of the box or after the installation of a
>   >>"normal" package

I've lost the quoting ... so not sure who asked this, but did you mean
make it easy to build and use jack from not-yet-debian-packaged release
or svn? 

Removing the .so name mangling as Free has done will help with this.

In my somewhat naive understanding, it seems there are 2 complementary
approaches to this issue:
1) keeping jack debian packages up to date with jack releases (so fewer
   users have a need to build their own).
2) providing a clear and easy set of instructions for users who want or
   need (say for a bug fix affecting them) debs of svn ... perhaps using
   svn-buildpackage. So users can easily role their own debs that work
   with all of their installed jack apps.

(or maybe somehow debs could be autobuilt somewhere for each jack svn
release ... just thinking out loud, not sure if that is practical or

>   IVT> I find it usable out of the box...
> I agree with what Daniel said, the focus of general purpose
> distribution is different, but I also agree that we can do much
> better.

I think lenny has the potential to provide a perfectly useable
multimedia workstation with very little end-user pain.

-Eric Rz.

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