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Re: Service names for Debian mirrors in cloud infrastructure


On Mon Jan 11, 2016 at 21:46:15 +0900, Charles Plessy wrote:
> There is one last point that I do not understand: why are you asking for
> something in "mirrors.debian.[org|net]", instead of "ftp.azure.debian.org" or
> something similar ?  The name "debian.mirrors.debian.org" in Bastian's original
> email does not resolve, the Google query 'site:debian.org
> "debian.mirrors.debian.org"' does not return an answer, so I do not get the
> point.

Our idea of this thread was to keep this thread cloud provider
independent and find a solution that suites for all cloud providers.

Background of this whole discussion is that the trademark team asked us
to participate in a discussion on what generic rules for all cloud
images should look like for Debian stretch. Mirror names is one of the
low hanging fruits and so Bastian started with this. We will start more
of these threads on the debian-cloud mailing lists in near future to
participate in the process of shaping the rules.

Best regards,

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