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Re: Service names for Debian mirrors in cloud infrastructure

Martin Zobel-Helas schrieb am Mittwoch, dem 06. Jänner 2016:

> Hi, 
> On Wed Jan 06, 2016 at 13:55:31 +0000, Marcin Kulisz wrote:
> > If this mirror is not intended to be used by public outside Azure I'm not
> > really convinced that it should be available under debian.org domain for simple
> > reason service is not (and probably not going to be) under DSA control.
> with my DSA hat on: none of the mirrors under ftp.CC.debian.org are
> under DSA control. Some of the mirrors might be administrated by
> individual members of the DSA team, but none is official under DSA
> control.

Yes, but this isn't one of those.

Hosters usually have their http://mirror.$hoster/, such as

I do not see why this should be under .debian.org if it's not intended
for the general public.  Having something under mirrors.azure or
whatever this is called seems perfectly reasonable.

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