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Re: Mirror blocklisted

On Wed, Oct 23, 2013 at 11:09 PM, Raphael Geissert <geissert@debian.org> wrote:
> Hi,
> Roberto Muñoz wrote:
> ---------------------8<-------------------------8<------------------------------------
>> Mirror: ftp.gul.uc3m.es
>> - Type: archive
>>   Status: disabled
>>   State: synced
>>   Path: /debian/
>>   Notes:
>>    Blocklisted
>>    Not reliable for serving InRelease files
>>    Not reliable for serving i18n/ files
>>    Doesn't seem to support Range requests
>>    Doesn't seem to support Keep-Alive connections
> ---------------------8<-------------------------8<------------------------------------
>> I thought tha the "Not reliable" part was because the lack of space.
> That's due to an old ftpsync, or because ftpsync is not used at all.
>> And now is blocklisted.
> It already was, but it wasn't included in the report.
>> What does it means?
> Some time ago (read: months) your mirror was found not to be correctly
> syncing the files, and ended up with an inconsistent archive. Your mirror
> was then disabled.
> Since that information is lost when regenerating http.debian.net's database
> from the master list, the list of mirrors with inconsistent archives is
> dumped into a blocklist. Once the database is rebuilt, the blocklist is used
> to avoid using those mirrors.
> (The automated detection of inconsistent mirrors may take days or weeks
> without being noticed by the redirector, so it's better to keep that
> information.)
>> Did I have done something wrong?
> Since everything seems to be okay with your mirror I'm going to remove it
> from the blocklist. It should be back in use in a little while.

Thank you very much.

> Cheers,


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