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Re: Mirror blocklisted


Roberto Muñoz wrote:
> Mirror: ftp.gul.uc3m.es
> - Type: archive
>   Status: disabled
>   State: synced
>   Path: /debian/
>   Notes:
>    Blocklisted
>    Not reliable for serving InRelease files
>    Not reliable for serving i18n/ files
>    Doesn't seem to support Range requests
>    Doesn't seem to support Keep-Alive connections
> I thought tha the "Not reliable" part was because the lack of space.

That's due to an old ftpsync, or because ftpsync is not used at all.

> And now is blocklisted.

It already was, but it wasn't included in the report.

> What does it means?

Some time ago (read: months) your mirror was found not to be correctly 
syncing the files, and ended up with an inconsistent archive. Your mirror 
was then disabled.

Since that information is lost when regenerating http.debian.net's database 
from the master list, the list of mirrors with inconsistent archives is 
dumped into a blocklist. Once the database is rebuilt, the blocklist is used 
to avoid using those mirrors.

(The automated detection of inconsistent mirrors may take days or weeks 
without being noticed by the redirector, so it's better to keep that 

> Did I have done something wrong?

Since everything seems to be okay with your mirror I'm going to remove it 
from the blocklist. It should be back in use in a little while.

Raphael Geissert - Debian Developer
www.debian.org - get.debian.net

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