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Re: A new mirror in El Salvador

On Mon, Oct 10, 2011 at 07:47:22AM -0600, Carlos Juan Martín Pérez wrote:
> > After syncing is finished, can you please provide the entire mirror's size,
> > and if it is with or without mirrors?
> > We have set up a mirror containing amd64 and i386, and I start considering
> > upgrading it to a full-sized mirror site; I have to think of the costs
> > before all that, so I would really appreciate this info.  Thanks,
> Of course, these are our sizes:
> Mon Oct 10 07:35:12 CST 2011
> Mirror Debian
> 609G	/var/www/debian/debian
> 34G		/var/www/debian/debian-backports
> 452G	/var/www/debian/debian-cd
> 7.2G		/var/www/debian/debian-multimedia
> 73G		/var/www/debian/debian-security
> 726M	/var/www/debian/debian-volatile
> It was full synced since a month ago, and now that we are sure of it
> stability it is time to share it. We'll file the bug report promptly,
> thanks!


Simon Paillard

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