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Re: New ftpsync version

On 12400 March 1977, Joerg Jaspert wrote:

> i just prepared a new ftpsync version and put it out into the usual
> project/ftpsync directory within the Debian archive. Next dinstall this
> night (in about 4.5 hours from NOW) will send it out for you to
> grab. Current version is now 80387. As usual there are two checksum
> files right beside the tarballs, signed by the FTPMaster archive signing
> key.

There is one small, but depending on the setup potentially deadly, error
in this version SHOULD you be using HOOKS WITH ARGUMENTS. If you do not
use any hook in ftpsync or runmirrors, you are safe and can stop reading

Basically, if one of your hook looks like
"/whatever/command some arguments to it"
you will notice that it will fail. To change this either pull the newest
git version or modify etc/common, line 198, and take away the "".

The reason for the "" was that I envisioned the hooks to always be a
script to call, which then does whatever is neccessary (which the
HOOKSCR variable name nicely shows too). But it is entirely valid to
have a hook look like

HOOK3="sudo -u user /srv/somewhere/bin/dofoo ${TO}"

and that obviously does not work with the "".

bye, Joerg
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