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local mirror - debian+ubuntu - combined savings?

Does it make sense to combine ubuntu and debian local mirrors - as in,
are there any worthwhile savings to be had to doing so?

I have DVD sets of Ubuntu 9.04 and Debian 5.0, and making (a) local
mirror(s) for each.

I subsequently wish to update on a monthly basis (have access only to a
dodgy satellite link which goes out on occasion, and then limited to
dial up, and managing 8 physical and 10+ virtual machines, ubuntu and
debian; the capacity to be able to install anything at a moments notice,
when on the road or when internet is down, is invaluable).

I have been using debmirror, with separate directories each for Ubuntu
and Debian.

If combined, roughly how best would I achieve the combining (eg,
considering deleting old files/ packages as one example)?

Would DAK be useful for this?


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