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Re: local mirror - debian+ubuntu - combined savings?

> I have been using debmirror, with separate directories each for Ubuntu
> and Debian.

> If combined, roughly how best would I achieve the combining (eg,
> considering deleting old files/ packages as one example)?

The only way which wouldnt generate too much headache but at least give
space savings would be to use finddup (package perforate in debian) to
hardlink the identical files of the two trees. At least for the imported
source in ubuntu this could work.

Directly merging the trees into one - no sane way for this. Debian and
Ubuntu are much too different for this.

(Actually: If they would no longer have pool/main and rename indices as
 well as project/ and ls-lR.gz, it would be doable so that the apt-get's
 on the machines wouldnt notice. But still a headache generating setup)

> Would DAK be useful for this?


bye, Joerg
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