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Re: push from syncproxy stopped

On Mon, Jun 29, 2009 at 10:22:18PM -0300, Carlos Carvalho said:
> The last push happened on Sunday afternoon. There are many updates, so
> there's a problem with the trigger. Please check.

I'm seeing exactly the same thing here:

busch:/var/log# zgrep mirror auth.log.1.gz| grep
Jun 28 08:46:31 busch sshd[14858]: Accepted publickey for mirror from port 60779 ssh2
Jun 28 14:32:33 busch sshd[31006]: Accepted publickey for mirror from port 59859 ssh2

busch:/var/log# grep mirror auth.log.0 | grep

busch:/var/log# grep mirror auth.log | grep

(those times are PDT).  Could one of the mirror admins please look and 
see why we're not getting triggers to ftp.nz.d.o?


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