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Re: mirror.debian.net maintenance

Josip Rodin wrote:
> Hm, yeah. I'm thinking what would be the best way to handle this selection
> in general. The country can be autodetected remotely, but the architecture
> can be autodetected locally. We could put your stuff at
> <arch>.{official,unofficial}.mirror.debian.org (.net during testing),
> and extend the sources.list(5) parser to support that somehow - we
> could possibly use the $(ARCH) variable reference, but that seems to
> be unavailable in the host parameter right now, and it's also ugly.
> Instead, something like
> deb arch+http://official.mirror.debian.org/debian stable main
> And then it prepends the architecture string to the hostname.

sources.list already has a $(ARCH), and this already works:

deb http://$(ARCH).official.mirror.debian.org/debian stable main

see shy jo

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