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Re: debian-volatile mirrors

On Tue, Oct 23, 2007 at 05:48:59PM -0200, Felipe Augusto van de Wiel (faw) wrote:
> On 23-10-2007 17:14, Josip Rodin wrote:
> > On Tue, Oct 23, 2007 at 12:32:07PM -0200, Felipe Augusto van de Wiel (faw) wrote:
> [...]
> > I'm filing an RT ticket to assimil... er... add you :)
> 	:-)
> 	Is there anything that I should read (besides webwml CVS)?
> Documentations? Historical archives? Best practices? DOs and DONTs?

I can send you the mail archive from the last N years, but because
you're a developer, you can also fetch it yourself already, it's at


> 	Indeed, and I would like to send an e-mail to all Volatile
> Mirror owner to let them know about our changes.

Do you want to send mail to all of them one-by-one, or was there an
announcement mailing list?

You could also send the same message to debian-mirrors-announce.

> >> 	I had the impression that we are going to merge the
> >> push infrastructure, then I realized that the Volatile archive
> >> is on a different machine, with a different another dak instance.
> > 
> > Yes. But we can still have the same people look at and maybe edit both,
> > because it's essentially the same matter.
> 	Hmmm... I don't think it's necessary (I'm not opposed
> to it, either), but the script basically downloads the Masterlist,
> find the servers that needs Prod and then runs the push (it comes
> down to a shell loop to ssh $host $port).
> 	My understanding is that we will maintain the Masterlist
> in the cvs webwml and the verdi.d.o will download (or checkout)
> the necessary file, parse it and push the servers.  Do you think
> it is important that the mirror team have access to that?

Well, for all other mirrors, we have that part split out of the archive
generation code, and simply plugged in.

For example, see ~archvsync/ directories on Debian machines (ries, rietz,
klecker, gluck, merkel, saens...) If you don't have access to any of those
machines, I can explain in more detail (until you get access obviously).

> 	Right now, the infrastructure is not even on verdi it is
> still on farm.ftbfs.de network. So we will need to do a few
> changes:
>  * Migrate the push infrastructure to verdi
> 	Some of our mirrors use very strict firewall rules, so
> 	we need to let them know that we are changing from on
> 	push server to another.
>  * Change the push infrastructure to use webwml Masterlist
> 	I'm not sure how it works for already existing mirrors,
> 	in volatile.d.n we ran the prodding after dinstall.
> 	Right now, at the end of dinstall, verdi executes an
> 	ssh command in another machines that actually does the
> 	push.
> 	Maybe I'm lacking the understanding of how we do Debian
> (not Volatile) does the pushes. Sorry if it looks like I'm a
> little bit lost with regards to some parts, I'm just trying to
> avoid duplicated working while trying to learn how to do or
> implement it in "The Right Way (tm)".

It's basically a set of relatively simple shell scripts. There is no
Right Way(TM), really, it has just worked ever since inception, and
we haven't modified it much :)

Moving the trigger to an IP that resolves into *.debian.org is a good
idea in general, I think it's worth the effort of having people adjust
their access lists, but it will take some time.

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