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Re: debian-volatile mirrors

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On 22-10-2007 05:48, Josip Rodin wrote:
> On Mon, Oct 22, 2007 at 12:37:43AM -0200, Felipe Augusto van de Wiel (faw) wrote:
>> 	Sorry for the late reply, I was unsure about how to
>> reply to the subject. I've been wondering how we could merge
>> the Volatile Mirrors with the Debian Mirrors, and I would to
>> volunteer to the team if you are needing manpower.
> Yes, we would always welcome more people at mirrors@debian.org :)

	I would be happy to help. :)

> Right now the Mirrors-from field isn't really used, it's just there for our
> own accounting purposes - it's good for analysis when its state differs from
> the one discovered by the mirror checker. It would be fairly easy (and
> probably desirable) to convert it to fields like Archive-upstream,
> Volatile-upstream, ...

	I don't really know how they work, as already explained by
zobel the Mirrors-from where used by the push infrastructure, the
other fields were unknown to me, what I was doing is just trying
to keep Volatile Mirrors.masterlist using "good practices" IMHO
considering the existing and presented file format. :-)

>> 	We have a push-mirror infrastructure and I added a
>> patch to use a different SSH port to prod servers, not sure
>> if Debian mirrors carry this patch or support this, I will
>> be happy to provide it again.
> You mean, patch to the documentation or?

	I mean that some of the clients of the push network use
non standard SSH ports to get pushed, I added support for that
in our script, but AIUI, volatile.d.o will push the changes from
verdi.d.o which will be maintained by Volatile Team, so it is
still a different script. :-)

	I had the impression that we are going to merge the
push infrastructure, then I realized that the Volatile archive
is on a different machine, with a different another dak instance.

>> 	I also have the diff from the two states of the
>> mirror lists, and there are some long standing issues,
>> people asked small changes in their mirrors and I couldn't
>> fix it because of the inconsistency. Maybe the migration
>> will help on that.
> Yes, please, feel free to send over any extra data you have, and we'll
> see how to process it if you're unsure how to proceed.

	Zobel did that, I will comment on the other e-mail.

> The main Mirrors.masterlist is kept in webwml CVS, so you have commit
> privileges already.


>> 	I'm happy to see this integrated, and I will be
>> happy to keep helping, not only with Volatile mirrors, but
>> with the whole mirror (not sure what Mirror team would
>> need or how they recruit).
>> 	Thanks for working on this. Let me know how can I
>> help (and if should I subscribe to debian-mirrors). :)
> Just have a look at webwml/english/mirror/Mirrors.masterlist and adjacent
> mirror_list.pl files in the webwml CVS. If you can grok that, consider
> yourself recruited :))

	Yes, I can grok that. ;)

> And yes, subscribing to debian-mirrors{,-announce} would be good.

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