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Re: debian-volatile mirrors

On Mon, Oct 22, 2007 at 12:37:43AM -0200, Felipe Augusto van de Wiel (faw) wrote:
> 	Sorry for the late reply, I was unsure about how to
> reply to the subject. I've been wondering how we could merge
> the Volatile Mirrors with the Debian Mirrors, and I would to
> volunteer to the team if you are needing manpower.

Yes, we would always welcome more people at mirrors@debian.org :)

> 	I sent a message to Volatile Team in August 17th, 2007
> about the Mirror infrastructure of Volatile, we lost the
> consistency during the migration from .net to .org and I never
> got a reply, here is the transcript:
> ,----------
> | 	I'm sorry to bother you once again.
> |
> | 	I'm working to clean the backlog of our mirrors and
> | pending requests and it took me sometime to figure out that
> | the Mirrors.masterlist in durin is a lot different from the
> | last version I had in the CVS.
> |
> | 	verdi and prod.mirrors still lists some of the mirrors
> | that were removed from the durin masterlist, and I can't find
> | or remember of any information about removing and changing this
> | merrors.
> |
> | 	Below is a diff from the last version I have and the
> | version is on durin, it is fine to me to update the fields and
> | the "Mirrors-from", I just would like to understand what is
> | going on so I can fix the pending requests and keep working
> | with the Mirrors maintainance.
> `----------

Right now the Mirrors-from field isn't really used, it's just there for our
own accounting purposes - it's good for analysis when its state differs from
the one discovered by the mirror checker. It would be fairly easy (and
probably desirable) to convert it to fields like Archive-upstream,
Volatile-upstream, ...

> 	We have a push-mirror infrastructure and I added a
> patch to use a different SSH port to prod servers, not sure
> if Debian mirrors carry this patch or support this, I will
> be happy to provide it again.

You mean, patch to the documentation or?

> 	I also have the diff from the two states of the
> mirror lists, and there are some long standing issues,
> people asked small changes in their mirrors and I couldn't
> fix it because of the inconsistency. Maybe the migration
> will help on that.

Yes, please, feel free to send over any extra data you have, and we'll
see how to process it if you're unsure how to proceed.

The main Mirrors.masterlist is kept in webwml CVS, so you have commit
privileges already.

> 	I'm happy to see this integrated, and I will be
> happy to keep helping, not only with Volatile mirrors, but
> with the whole mirror (not sure what Mirror team would
> need or how they recruit).
> 	Thanks for working on this. Let me know how can I
> help (and if should I subscribe to debian-mirrors). :)

Just have a look at webwml/english/mirror/Mirrors.masterlist and adjacent
mirror_list.pl files in the webwml CVS. If you can grok that, consider
yourself recruited :))

And yes, subscribing to debian-mirrors{,-announce} would be good.

Josip Rodin

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