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setup a private mirror WITHOUT Internet connection

I don´t think that I should ask this here, but maybe someone can help me.

I want to install Debian Etch on my job`s network, and I get the installer on DVD for that. Some computers have DVD reader, good. But some don´t. For that computers, I decided to perform a network installation. I don´t have Internet, so I decided to setup a local FTP server.

So I setup a FTP server on my Debian box, and copied all files on the DVD into its ftp root directory. Then I use "netinst" cd to perform installation.

The server was detected and accesed right, but the installer failed because it cannot get file " Release.gpg".

Then I download "Release.gpg" from ftp.cl.debian.org, and tried again. But the installer failed again: It gets stuck with a message like "this software can´t be verified. Install it anyway? yes or no:" on syslog, but because I can´t enter neither "yes" nor "no", the installer just waits forever...

So, ¿what can I do about that? ¿How I must setup my "mirror" to avoid the "*.gpg" problem? ¿Or should I instead try to hack the debian-installer?

Thanks in advance

Hugo Segovia

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