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Re: where to sync from?

Ricardo Yanez (ricardo.yanez@calel.org) wrote on 22 March 2007 16:00:
 >I have contacted the admin of debian.ubiobio.cl (apparently he's not
 >subscribed to this list). His response was positive to the idea of
 >making a Round Robin with the the mirrors. His only concern was that
 >he's hosting amd64, i386, powerpc y sparc, and intend to continue doing
 >so. We, on the other hand, intend to host them all, or at least most of
 >them, as we used to a couple of months ago. Would that pose a problem?

What happens if someone tries to get packages from an arch that only
you have and the dns resolves to the ubiobio machine? He'll get lots
of not found... This is going to seriously confuse users, no?

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