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Re: cannot poweroff debian/mips64el on qemu

Wow!  That is it!  Thank you, Aurlien!

I'm using debian 10.2 and clearly the kernel config option is not there.  After adding it back, the guest machine powers off correctly.

Now I only need to figure out how to properly update initrd in a crossbuild environment ...



On Sat, Jan 25, 2020 at 4:49 AM Aurelien Jarno <aurelien@aurel32.net> wrote:
On 2020-01-24 19:05, Jun Sun wrote:
> Here are more testing results
>    - qemu 2.5 + debian10.2 + Malta + kernel4.19.0 : hangs on
>    poweroff ("reboot: System halted") for both 32bit and 64bit mipsel
>    - qemu 2.6 + debian9.11 + Malta + kernel4.9.0 : poweroff successfully
>    for both 32bit and 64bit mipsel
> Given these results, who is likely to blame?  Debian? or kernel?

Probably a bit of both ;-) The poweroff implementation has changed in
kernel 4.19 (commit dd129c6374) and requires that the kernel is built

I have pushed the fix to the Debian kernel repository. However I am not
sure it will be fixed for Debian 10.3, maybe it will only appear in
Debian 10.4.


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