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Re: cannot poweroff debian/mips64el on qemu

On 2020-01-24 19:05, Jun Sun wrote:
> Here are more testing results
>    - qemu 2.5 + debian10.2 + Malta + kernel4.19.0 : hangs on
>    poweroff ("reboot: System halted") for both 32bit and 64bit mipsel
>    - qemu 2.6 + debian9.11 + Malta + kernel4.9.0 : poweroff successfully
>    for both 32bit and 64bit mipsel
> Given these results, who is likely to blame?  Debian? or kernel?

Probably a bit of both ;-) The poweroff implementation has changed in
kernel 4.19 (commit dd129c6374) and requires that the kernel is built

I have pushed the fix to the Debian kernel repository. However I am not
sure it will be fixed for Debian 10.3, maybe it will only appear in
Debian 10.4.


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