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Re: Debian/MIPSeb: proposal to drop mipseb port?

Adi Kriegisch <adi@cg.tuwien.ac.at> 于2018年7月9日周一 下午4:34写道:
> Hi!
> > due to lack of enough man power and build machines for 3 mips* port at
> > the same time, I think that now it is time for us to have a talk about
> > dropping mips32eb support now.
> [...]
> > In fact I don't know anybody is using Debian's mips32eb port.
> > If you are using it, please tell us.
> I am using mips32eb a lot on wifi routers (self-compiled kernel with
> rootfs on a usb stick). There are some people here at a community
> wireless network that do use such setups on their rooftops as well.

What is the advantage of eb than el? better performance?
I guess most of CPUs support both eb and el.

> Please let me know if there is anything I could do to help avoiding the
> drop.

We need some more build machines, current we use some ER8s,
which use NFS as rootfs and they have no FPU.
So the performance and stability are bad.

We also need some more manpower to fix the FTBFS in future.

> best regards,
>         Adi Kriegisch

YunQiang Su

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