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Re: MIPS64EL port box is ready for use (Was: mips64el port build failed list)

On Tue, Oct 29, 2013 at 11:05:18AM +0000, Graham Whaley wrote:

> One of the issues will be hardware availability. If I can source the above
> boards (which it looks like I can), then I can help with that. Also, we are
> trying out the Loongson 2F mini-PC's, expanding their RAM to their maximum
> (which may only be 1Gbyte, but we hope 2Gbyte), and adding SSD's. If that
> works out then they are cheaper, available, and we can relatively easily
> build a small farm of those for (donated to) Debian I hope.

Would you be able to post your 2F mini mods somewhere? I'm interesting in
pumping up the volume on these if possible.

> Much though I would love to say go with MIPS64R2, I suspect for the main
> debian-ports.org upload that is not the best single choice. The Loongson 2F
> cores are MIPSIII I believe

Right, and AIUI with proprietary extensions.

> > Thanks for all of the people helped me to make this project be realized:
> > Eleanor Chen, Aron Xu,  Anthony Fok, Fuxin Zhang from Lemote and lots
> > of other people.

Definite thanks to Lemote and everyone else involved.



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