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Re: iceweasel on Fuloong (was: What is the status of Debian on Lemote Fuloong?)

On Sun, Jul 8, 2012 at 9:49 AM, Andreas Barth <aba@ayous.org> wrote:
> * Javier Vasquez (j.e.vasquez.v@gmail.com) [120708 17:25]:
>> On Sun, Jul 8, 2012 at 1:40 AM, Andreas Barth <aba@ayous.org> wrote:
>> > * Javier Vasquez (j.e.vasquez.v@gmail.com) [120708 01:09]:
>> >> At any rate wht makes more curious is that iceweasel from official
>> >> debian repo doesn't work for me at all when browsing over gmail
>> >> account.  It just freezes.  So I keep using an old anheng version on
>> >> testing for iceweasel.
>> >
>> > Oh? Testing? Unstable? Doesn't it work anywhere or is just gmail
>> > affected? If it doesn't work at all we definitly need to get that
>> > fixed.
>> Unstable, sorry for not mentioning it.  But it's been the case since I
>> ever installed debian, going through at least verion 9, and don't
>> remember if 8 when it was available on experimental...
>> As far as I can tell it freezes on gmail, and bank accounts.  But if
>> it doesn't work on gmail and such bank accounts, I drop it, since I
>> access it only through the web interface, and look for alternatives,
>> :-)  I had problems even in plain html mode though.  I can't tell if
>> it still freezes on plain html mode now a days, I haven't tried.
> Further question: "It freezes" means just the iceweasel programm
> freezes, or the whole system?

Just Iceweasel fortunately...

>> put the anheng versions on hold through aptitude, and my late trials
>> consist on installing current unstable version of iceweasel
>> (experimental if available, but mipsel is lacking current experimental
>> version as of now),
> It failed to build, see
> https://buildd.debian.org/status/fetch.php?pkg=iceweasel&arch=mipsel&ver=13.0.1-2&stamp=1341651421
> Getting that fixed might be helpful too.
> Andi

Thanks Andi,

I'm wondering why only I have mentioned this.  Not sure if all other
guys attempting to use the mini-pcs as desktops are definitely using
anheng repos, or they don't use gmail accounts neither bank accounts,
or they use some other light browser (midori is not an alternative for
me, it crashes too often on different sites), or iceweasel in stable
works, and people mostly use stable...

Any ways, thanks,


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