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Re: What is the status of Debian on Lemote Fuloong?

On Sun, Jul 8, 2012 at 1:40 AM, Andreas Barth <aba@ayous.org> wrote:
> * Javier Vasquez (j.e.vasquez.v@gmail.com) [120708 01:09]:
>> Support on grub for the mini-pc was just announced on the most recent
>> grub release, which I think hadn't hit debian.  I don't know if that
>> means keep using the grub-yeeloong version or there will be a new
>> binary for fullong.  However with the yeloong version so far loading
>> the grub menu from pmon had not been possible for me, :-).
> The version in stable should be able to work, just not as firmware but
> only as bootloader.

I use unstable, :-)  Though I'll give it a try.  So now, using the
grub.elf generated by gurb-yeloong works...  Last time I tried (months
ago though), lead me to a blank screen...  I'll try again.

>> I'm curious about some prior comments about using the mini-pc as slow
>> desktop replacement.  I too do the same.  However the debian binaries
>> don't exploit well the architecture.  They use -o32 abi, when the
>> machine is 64 bits allowing -n32 and -n64 abis.  I imagine -n64 could
>> even allow applications requiring higher memory spaces for better
>> performance, such as libreoffice and iceweasel, to work better, :-)
> You're welcome in supporting another mipsel abi port. However, as it
> is now, the manpower to keep the existing mipsel port alive is already
> limited. Having said this, I think a n32 port would be really a good
> thing.

It's in my plan to build everything up trhrough CLFS on abi -n64.
However it's been in plans since end of last year.  I haven't found
the time, :-(

>> At any rate wht makes more curious is that iceweasel from official
>> debian repo doesn't work for me at all when browsing over gmail
>> account.  It just freezes.  So I keep using an old anheng version on
>> testing for iceweasel.
> Oh? Testing? Unstable? Doesn't it work anywhere or is just gmail
> affected? If it doesn't work at all we definitly need to get that
> fixed.

Unstable, sorry for not mentioning it.  But it's been the case since I
ever installed debian, going through at least verion 9, and don't
remember if 8 when it was available on experimental...

As far as I can tell it freezes on gmail, and bank accounts.  But if
it doesn't work on gmail and such bank accounts, I drop it, since I
access it only through the web interface, and look for alternatives,
:-)  I had problems even in plain html mode though.  I can't tell if
it still freezes on plain html mode now a days, I haven't tried.  I
put the anheng versions on hold through aptitude, and my late trials
consist on installing current unstable version of iceweasel
(experimental if available, but mipsel is lacking current experimental
version as of now), try gmail, and if it fails, then downgrade to
anheng, and hold the packages again...

>>  And I have no clue about official way to install debian on mini-pc.
>> The way I install it was to install old version of gnu-ssense first,
>> and then change the repos to official debian.  This because when I
>> acquire these mini-pcs, loongson architecture was just getting into
>> unstable and there was no official support anywhere, as I suppose
>> there is now, :-)
> My last installed was using the d-i netinstall image and booting from
> net. This was however some time ago, my most recent installs were on
> the Fuloong 2E with d-i (and a custom kernel).
> Andi


BTW, if you think the iceweasel discussion doesn't help the OP at all
in this thread, feel free to start a new one to follow up that one.
Initially I thought it was a good idea to mention as part of the
status that iceweasel has problems working on the pages I use the
most, :-)  Also, I filed a bug yesterday, though a bad one.  I have no
error messages, just plain freezes...  I hope developers can


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