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Re: What is the status of Debian on Lemote Fuloong?

* Javier Vasquez (j.e.vasquez.v@gmail.com) [120708 01:09]:
> Support on grub for the mini-pc was just announced on the most recent
> grub release, which I think hadn't hit debian.  I don't know if that
> means keep using the grub-yeeloong version or there will be a new
> binary for fullong.  However with the yeloong version so far loading
> the grub menu from pmon had not been possible for me, :-).

The version in stable should be able to work, just not as firmware but
only as bootloader.

> I'm curious about some prior comments about using the mini-pc as slow
> desktop replacement.  I too do the same.  However the debian binaries
> don't exploit well the architecture.  They use -o32 abi, when the
> machine is 64 bits allowing -n32 and -n64 abis.  I imagine -n64 could
> even allow applications requiring higher memory spaces for better
> performance, such as libreoffice and iceweasel, to work better, :-)

You're welcome in supporting another mipsel abi port. However, as it
is now, the manpower to keep the existing mipsel port alive is already
limited. Having said this, I think a n32 port would be really a good

> At any rate wht makes more curious is that iceweasel from official
> debian repo doesn't work for me at all when browsing over gmail
> account.  It just freezes.  So I keep using an old anheng version on
> testing for iceweasel.

Oh? Testing? Unstable? Doesn't it work anywhere or is just gmail
affected? If it doesn't work at all we definitly need to get that

>  And I have no clue about official way to install debian on mini-pc.
> The way I install it was to install old version of gnu-ssense first,
> and then change the repos to official debian.  This because when I
> acquire these mini-pcs, loongson architecture was just getting into
> unstable and there was no official support anywhere, as I suppose
> there is now, :-)

My last installed was using the d-i netinstall image and booting from
net. This was however some time ago, my most recent installs were on
the Fuloong 2E with d-i (and a custom kernel).


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