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Re: What is the status of Debian on Lemote Fuloong?

* Code Blue (codeblue@inbox.lv) [120708 10:36]:
> I did find a Yeelong page on Debian Wiki, but many things lead me to believe
> it doesn't work on Fuloong including some old discussions on this list.

The basic system runs from sometimes within the squeeze cycle (means:
during the release cycle that ended with the release of squeeze some
time ago, the support was added; that relates to userland, glibc, ...)
- basically there was a workaround on a hardware bug being applied
(which needs recompilation of all packages, which should be more
or less finished the natural way with new versions being uploaded).

Our buildds run stable, and we have two of them on Lemote hardware.

Kernels, X and installer might be something different - at least
kernal and installer works these days as well (as I don't use them as
desktop system, so there are a few things I just don't know).


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