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Who wants to build a mips64 and/or mips64el n32 port?


We (Cavium, Inc.) are interested in working with one or more people to create a MIPS 64 port of Debian. As part of the effort, we can make available one or more fairly high end machines. These would be cn5650 (12 CPU SMP) based, or similar, with 4GB of RAM and a large SATA disk.

See: http://cavium.com/OCTEON-Plus_CN56XX.html

These are running unmodified Linux 3.2 kernels with mips/Squeeze installed and at first would be big-endian only.

We can also run little-endian in the future, but we are interested in attacking the big-endian problem first.

Let me know if anyone is interested.

David Daney

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