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Re: Who wants to build a mips64 and/or mips64el n32 port?

* David Daney (ddaney.cavm@gmail.com) [120202 00:59]:
> We (Cavium, Inc.) are interested in working with one or more people to  
> create a MIPS 64 port of Debian.  As part of the effort, we can make  
> available one or more fairly high end machines.  These would be cn5650  
> (12 CPU SMP) based, or similar, with 4GB of RAM and a large SATA disk.

Sounds interessting. While I'm not technical firm enough to do the
actual porting, I would be happy to help with the infrastructure stuff
like autobuilders, wanna-build etc. Of course only if someone wants to
do the more porting-like stuff.


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