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A few questions about lenny on Qube2

Hi Chaps,

I have 2 qube2's and I've always run netbsd on them, I usually set up a fresh qube once a year and switch them. They tend to have the full years uptime when I switch.

Last year I decided to try etch on the spare qube, but I couldn't seem to keep it up for any more than a couple of days and it'd die under normal usage. I did try switching the hardware then with no change.

So, once again I've just done my anual netbsd upgrade and qube switch, and thought I'd try lenny. 

Still dies on it's arse when I do anything more than look at it - tonight just untaring the postgres source code. Twice.

Also has the control of the front led been changed to indicate disk activity or am I loosing the plot?

I've tried to tell myself to be a little more useful this time, so I will stick the serial console on it for next time it dies.

Any pointers would be appreciated.


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