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Is this a bug? xmame complains compiled byte ordering doesn't match machine byte ordering

running on mipsel

zhangweiwu@casablanca:~$ xmame
error: compiled byte ordering doesn't match machine byte ordering.
compiled for MSB first, are you sure you chose the right cpu in

All other programs I installed does not have this problem. Could it be a
packager's mistake?

My system information:

zhangweiwu@casablanca:~$ uname -a
Linux casablanca #1 Sun Jan 4 15:28:24 CST 2009 mips64 GNU/Linux
zhangweiwu@casablanca:~$ cat /proc/cpuinfo 
system type		: lemote-fulong
processor		: 0
cpu model		: ICT Loongson-2 V0.3  FPU V0.1
BogoMIPS		: 530.43
wait instruction	: no
microsecond timers	: yes
tlb_entries		: 64
extra interrupt vector	: no
hardware watchpoint	: no
ASEs implemented	:
shadow register sets	: 1
core			: 0
VCED exceptions		: not available
VCEI exceptions		: not available

zhangweiwu@casablanca:~$ cat /etc/debian_version 

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