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Re: A few questions about lenny on Qube2

* Glyn Astill <glynastill@yahoo.co.uk> [2009-06-04 22:15]:
> So, once again I've just done my anual netbsd upgrade and qube
> switch, and thought I'd try lenny. 
> Still dies on it's arse when I do anything more than look at it -
> tonight just untaring the postgres source code. Twice.

There were some reports about stability problems (but mostly after an
etch -> lenny upgrade) but they never got tracked down.  On the other
hand, it seems to work fine for a number of folks.

> Also has the control of the front led been changed to indicate disk
> activity or am I loosing the plot?

I think that has been changed, yes.
Martin Michlmayr

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