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Re: Lemote eeLoong 8089 mips based notebook repository switch

8089 and 2E Fuloong are quite different:
  * 8089 use Loongson 2F, the new processor integrated DDR2(2e has DDR1)
controller and PCI-X/PCI controller/local bus/interrupt controller, it
also starts to support dynamic frequency scaling.
  * 8089 use AMD CS5536 southbridge, silicon motion 712 graphic chip,
while 2E Fuloong use VIA686B southbridge and ATI radeon 7000 graphic

But for user land application, the two platforms can be deemed
compatible(only different with a few loongson only extension, like the
multimedia instructions).
> BTW, do you know the differences between 8089 and longsoon 2e?
> Bye,
> Giuseppe
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