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Re: Qube2 question: Largest drive size supported ?

On May 21, 6:50 pm, "Jacob Hooysma" <ja...@hooysma.com> wrote:
> Hello Mark,
> I think you should also look at power consumption of your drive
> as the power supply of the Qube is 33watt. I can imagion that
> the new quiet drive sometimes use a bit more power than in the
> old days. I myself use a 160Gb samsung and have a USB pci card
> installed
> Jacob

Power is covered off .. my Qube didn;t have a PSU with it when I got
it so I had to go get a replacement, found a nice 12V 5Amp one
(60watt) in the local electronics shop, chopped of the connector and
put on the correct connector.:-)

Actually the new drives use a lot less power than the old ones, good
40% less with the 750gb drives, so good all round!


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