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Re: Qube2 question: Largest drive size supported ?

Hello Mark,

I think you should also look at power consumption of your drive
as the power supply of the Qube is 33watt. I can imagion that
the new quiet drive sometimes use a bit more power than in the
old days. I myself use a 160Gb samsung and have a USB pci card


> * Mark <strandedinnz@yahoo.com.au> [2008-05-20 21:25]:
>> Can anyone tell me what the maximum drive size on the internal IDE of
>> a Qube2 running Debian is ? (I'm looking at one of those 750GB
>> Seagates)
> There are several people who use large drives (say 300 or 500 GB) in
> their Cobalt, but from time to time we also get some reports from
> people with large drives whose Cobalt doesn't boot.
>> Failing putting a large enough drive onto the internal IDE .. what
>> SATA PCI boards are supported with mipsel ?  And how well do combo
>> boards with SATA + USB on the same PCI board work ? (heard that combo
>> boards in Cobalt-NetBSD are not so hot, how about Debian ?)
> We provide several SATA drivers, but whether it works is another
> question.  I'm not sure how many people are using PCI cards in their
> Cobalt, but hopefully someone else will comment.  In any case, you
> have to make sure to get a PCI card that actually fits into your
> Cobalt (i.e. not one of those modern PCI cards that use a different
> PCI standard).  I haven't heard anything negative or positive about
> SATA + USB cards, sorry.
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