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Re: Qube2 question: Largest drive size supported ?

* Mark <strandedinnz@yahoo.com.au> [2008-05-20 21:25]:
> Can anyone tell me what the maximum drive size on the internal IDE of
> a Qube2 running Debian is ? (I'm looking at one of those 750GB
> Seagates)

There are several people who use large drives (say 300 or 500 GB) in
their Cobalt, but from time to time we also get some reports from
people with large drives whose Cobalt doesn't boot.

> Failing putting a large enough drive onto the internal IDE .. what
> SATA PCI boards are supported with mipsel ?  And how well do combo
> boards with SATA + USB on the same PCI board work ? (heard that combo
> boards in Cobalt-NetBSD are not so hot, how about Debian ?)

We provide several SATA drivers, but whether it works is another
question.  I'm not sure how many people are using PCI cards in their
Cobalt, but hopefully someone else will comment.  In any case, you
have to make sure to get a PCI card that actually fits into your
Cobalt (i.e. not one of those modern PCI cards that use a different
PCI standard).  I haven't heard anything negative or positive about
SATA + USB cards, sorry.
Martin Michlmayr

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