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Qube2 question: Largest drive size supported ?

Hi there,

I'm just trying out Debian (mipsel) on a Qube2 and all goes verynicely
indeed :-)  My intention is to have the machine as a home NAS, serving
out NFS, CIFS and maybe iSCSI ... this of course requires lots of

Can anyone tell me what the maximum drive size on the internal IDE of
a Qube2 running Debian is ? (I'm looking at one of those 750GB

Failing putting a large enough drive onto the internal IDE .. what
SATA PCI boards are supported with mipsel ?  And how well do combo
boards with SATA + USB on the same PCI board work ? (heard that combo
boards in Cobalt-NetBSD are not so hot, how about Debian ?)



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