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Debian on SGI O2

Hello Debian List,

After hours of attempts with web instruction pages, I'm about out of ideas, so hopefully one of us here can help to breathe some new life into this little O2.

Trying to put Debian on the O2, I've made some progress, but not enough yet. Here's the situation. The O2 is hooked up to a laptop running debian via crossover cable, and the laptop also has a wireless card. Following some instructions, i set up dhcp, tftp and even nfs on the laptop to serve the o2. This all works fairly well: typing bootp() from the startup console on the o2 succeeds in getting the netboot image from the laptop via tftp and gets me as far as the installation menu for debian on the o2. Here is where i get stuck. The installer tries to configure the network, but it also says that it can't figure out how to get to the internet. I've tried numerous things trying to work with it here, but none successful. Using iptables/route to try to patch the o2-laptop net through to the wireless card doesn't seem to do it, and i haven't succeeded in getting nfs to work, nor have i found anywhere on the net the "root-tar's" that some people describe as a way to install from the server (i.e., my laptop). So the installer doesn't know where or how to find the rest of the operating system. One thing that is working, however, is that my laptop has apache web server up and running, so maybe i can spoof the mirror locally, but i'm not ready to download all the mirror files so i would need to know if that would work before trying it. Any suggestions?

Christopher Arthur
Student, Mathematics
University of North Texas

"History is an alternating series of frying pans and fires" -- Peter Esterhazy

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