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Re: Debian on SGI O2

Il giorno lun, 18/02/2008 alle 10.06 -0600, Christopher Arthur ha
> Hello Debian List,
> to install from the server (i.e., my laptop). So the installer doesn't 
> know where or how to find the rest of the operating system.  One thing 
> that is working, however, is that my laptop has apache web server up 
> and running, so maybe i can spoof the mirror locally, but i'm not ready 
> to download all the mirror files so i would need to know if that would 
> work before trying it.  Any suggestions?

I tried the new installer this week end, but I still have to complete my
tests. Anyway, I downloaded the first iso cd image, and served its files
via a local ftp server. You don't need to download the whole archive,
just the first CD from stable or testing (depending on what d-i you are


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