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Re: iptables error using limit module

2008/2/26, Martin Michlmayr <tbm@cyrius.com>:

> I suggest you send your email to linux-mips@linux-mips.org and
>  netdev@vger.kernel.org
>  Maybe someone there can help.

I posted to netdev@vger.kernel.org
(http://marc.info/?t=120351709000004&r=1&w=2) and some comments
suggest that can be a bug or perhaps solved in newer versions of

I'll be very thankful if somebody can test it in his machine (mips)
even in 32 bits or 64 bits machines.

The problematic command is:

iptables -I INPUT -p icmp --icmp-type 8 -m limit --limit

That gives this error:
iptables: Invalid argument

And show this in kernel (dmesg) messages:
ip_tables: limit match: invalid size 40 != 32

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