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ARCLoad in Debian


ARCLoad is a bootloader for all the Linux-supported SGI machines.

I've just uploaded arcload 0.5-5 to unstable, which is the first
version of ARCLoad that's really usable for Debian.

Differences from upstream:
 - Debian version & MODE embedded into the binary
 - install script (/usr/sbin/arcload)
 - ability to load ELF64 kernels on 32bit PROMs

This last bit is what just made it into 0.5-5 (code for that
shamelessly stolen from arcboot). I've now tested ARCLoad on IP22
(32bit, 64bit kernel) and IP27 (64bit, 64bit kernel) and both work.

There is a known issue on 64bit PROMs, though: ARCLoad hangs when the
machine is left to boot all by itself (AutoLoad=yes). I don't know
why. Entering the maintenance menu and choosing option 1 (Start
System) works just fine, but letting it boot all by itself doesn't.

ARCLoad can load 32bit (untested) & 64bit kernels on 32bit PROMs and
64bit kernels only on 64bit PROMs.

I'm still investigating the AutoLoad hang; any help is welcome for
that and for further integrating arcload into Debian (update-arcload
script, debconf and the like would be nice).


 Julien BLACHE - Debian & GNU/Linux Developer - <jblache@debian.org> 
 Public key available on <http://www.jblache.org> - KeyID: F5D6 5169 
 GPG Fingerprint : 935A 79F1 C8B3 3521 FD62 7CC7 CD61 4FD7 F5D6 5169 

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