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Re: debian and fulong

Giuseppe Sacco wrote:
> Il giorno dom, 10/06/2007 alle 23.05 +0800, Tian ha scritto:
> [...]
>> java is available, we have ported sun java 1.5, and now working on 1.6.
>> flash is also available, but it's too slow, we don't have time to make 
>> any optimization on it.
>> well we maintain the kernel ourselves of course.
> [...]
> Thanks for all you answers. One more question: how much noise the
> machine produce? (I am looking for something that should stay switched
> on forever on a room where people (rarely) sleep.)
> I read somewhere on the web about people complaining that Fulong only
> have one fan (for CPU, hard disk and video adapter) that is always on.

They're no worse than your typical modern (wintel) laptop.  There's a
little noise produced, and they do give off a little heat.

But considering they draw what... about 20W versus an equivalent x86
desktop which would easily draw 100W ... I'm not complaining. :-)

They're easily fast enough to get my day-to-day workload done.  Even
with big packages like OpenOffice.org.  Lemote have a version of OO.o
2.0 localised in Chinese... makes it fun for someone like myself who
doesn't speak the language to navigate -- but it works rather well.

I'm thinking I should attempt this on Gentoo at some point (I have it
going in a Debian Etch chroot, along with Java) ... but I'm not looking
forward to this -- it was 18 hours on my dual PIII 1GHz w/ 1GB RAM.  The
two boxes here run at the stock 660MHz, and have 512MB RAM (upgraded
from 256MB).
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