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Re: boot disk upgrade

Il giorno lun, 10/09/2007 alle 18.39 -0700, Chad Feller ha scritto:
> Hi,
> Just catching up on debian-mips, and realized that nobody ever got back 
> to you on this (at least publicly).  So I'm not sure if you ever figured 
> this out.  I'm assuming that you already have a second disk in the 
> second bay on your O2, and that is why you are asking this question.  
> Otherwise you could copy everything directly over using dd, tar, or even 
> plain old cp.  

Thanks for replying to this message. I already upgraded the disk,
putting the new one as /dev/sdb while copying data. I tryed with "cp -a"
and with "rsync" but then init was always complaining and never started.
I eventually used dump/restore and this worked very well.

As a side note, I have now a very fast SCSI disk that is working rather
slowly because of the O2 SCSI bus. I thought that the maximum spees for
SCSI disk on O2 would be about 20mb/s, while I cannot see more than
16mb/s. Is it normal?


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