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Re: boot disk upgrade

I too have noticed that Linux disk access is horribly slow. I have noticed this on both IP22 and IP32. It might be interesting to compare with an older kernel like 2.6.13 or so. I don't remember noticing this problem back then as opposed to now.

The controler on the O2 should be able to push 40mb/s peak to each of it's two channels (internal and external). The sustained rate will of course depend on the drive and the system load.


On Tue, 11 Sep 2007, Giuseppe Sacco wrote:

Il giorno lun, 10/09/2007 alle 18.39 -0700, Chad Feller ha scritto:

Just catching up on debian-mips, and realized that nobody ever got back
to you on this (at least publicly).  So I'm not sure if you ever figured
this out.  I'm assuming that you already have a second disk in the
second bay on your O2, and that is why you are asking this question.
Otherwise you could copy everything directly over using dd, tar, or even
plain old cp.

Thanks for replying to this message. I already upgraded the disk,
putting the new one as /dev/sdb while copying data. I tryed with "cp -a"
and with "rsync" but then init was always complaining and never started.
I eventually used dump/restore and this worked very well.

As a side note, I have now a very fast SCSI disk that is working rather
slowly because of the O2 SCSI bus. I thought that the maximum spees for
SCSI disk on O2 would be about 20mb/s, while I cannot see more than
16mb/s. Is it normal?


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