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Re: debian and fulong

Giuseppe Sacco wrote:
Il giorno dom, 10/06/2007 alle 22.04 +0800, Tian ha scritto:
I have been using it since Jan this year. We mainly use etch with some modified packages, such as mplayer(optimization), X(some fix).

With 1G/512M RAM, fulong can run rather smooth, but firefox hasn't been optimized, browsing complicated web pages will seem slow. generally i will turn off java support on firefox. but web pages like lwn.net linuxdiveces.com linux.com is ok.

This is rather interesting. I didn't know that java is available on
mips. Are you referring to java (sun, gcj, other?) or javascript? I
think even flash is not avaiable (the libflash is not enough developed
to be used widely). But: is gnome or openoffice usable? Did you try
lenny? Did you try, by any chance, the standard Debian kernel from etch,
lenny, sid?

java is available, we have ported sun java 1.5, and now working on 1.6.
flash is also available, but it's too slow, we don't have time to make any optimization on it.
well we maintain the kernel ourselves of course.

and there's some people using sid now:), i have tried gnome and kde, some others xfce fvwm.

there's also some crazy guys running beryl:)
Moreover I read that the machine is provided with 256Mb of RAM. It
should be possible to use 512Mb of RAM changing the kernel from
mipsel/32bit to mipsel/64bit. Is this correct? Do you use it with 1Gb

I use 1G ram myself:) and yes with 64-bit mips kernel.
Well fulong is ok for me, i seldom use x86 now, but you can't compare a 666M cpu to modern intel/amd x86 cpu, right? :)

Right. I read it is comparable to a pentium4 @ 1.4Ghz. Currently I use
powerpc @864Mhz, so I think I will gain some speed :-)
I suppose so:)
Thanks for all your info.

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