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Re: debian and fulong

I have been using it since Jan this year. We mainly use etch with some modified packages, such as mplayer(optimization), X(some fix).

With 1G/512M RAM, fulong can run rather smooth, but firefox hasn't been optimized, browsing complicated web pages will seem slow. generally i will turn off java support on firefox. but web pages like lwn.net linuxdiveces.com linux.com is ok.

Well fulong is ok for me, i seldom use x86 now, but you can't compare a 666M cpu to modern intel/amd x86 cpu, right? :)


Giuseppe Sacco wrote:
Hi all,
is there anyone that own and use a Fulong machine? I am referring to
http://www.linux-mips.org/wiki/Fulong . I read that it includes a Debian
distribution, but I don't know if it is stable (etch) or a derivative

I am looking for comments about Fulong as desktop machine.


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