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Re: debian and fulong

Il giorno dom, 10/06/2007 alle 22.04 +0800, Tian ha scritto:
> I have been using it since Jan this year. We mainly use etch with some 
> modified packages, such as mplayer(optimization), X(some fix).
> With 1G/512M RAM, fulong can run rather smooth, but firefox hasn't been 
> optimized, browsing complicated web pages will seem slow. generally i 
> will turn off java support on firefox. but web pages like lwn.net 
> linuxdiveces.com linux.com is ok.

This is rather interesting. I didn't know that java is available on
mips. Are you referring to java (sun, gcj, other?) or javascript? I
think even flash is not avaiable (the libflash is not enough developed
to be used widely). But: is gnome or openoffice usable? Did you try
lenny? Did you try, by any chance, the standard Debian kernel from etch,
lenny, sid?

Moreover I read that the machine is provided with 256Mb of RAM. It
should be possible to use 512Mb of RAM changing the kernel from
mipsel/32bit to mipsel/64bit. Is this correct? Do you use it with 1Gb

> Well fulong is ok for me, i seldom use x86 now, but you can't compare a 
> 666M cpu to modern intel/amd x86 cpu, right? :)

Right. I read it is comparable to a pentium4 @ 1.4Ghz. Currently I use
powerpc @864Mhz, so I think I will gain some speed :-)

Thanks for all your info.

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