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Re: debian and fulong

Il giorno dom, 10/06/2007 alle 23.05 +0800, Tian ha scritto:
> java is available, we have ported sun java 1.5, and now working on 1.6.
> flash is also available, but it's too slow, we don't have time to make 
> any optimization on it.
> well we maintain the kernel ourselves of course.

Thanks for all you answers. One more question: how much noise the
machine produce? (I am looking for something that should stay switched
on forever on a room where people (rarely) sleep.)
I read somewhere on the web about people complaining that Fulong only
have one fan (for CPU, hard disk and video adapter) that is always on.

About the sources changed by you, are you pushing back all patches so
that next upstream release will include your fixes and optimizations?


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