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Re: Cobalt RaQ2

Martin Michlmayr wrote:
> * Raf Vanreppelen <raf.vanreppelen@e-systems.ws> [2007-05-15 12:34]:
> > I'm trying to install a debian kernel on a cobalt raq2.  I already
> > used the instructions as described on the site and the installation
> > itself (through ssh) goes perfectly.  The system doesn't report any
> > error.  However, the system doesn't start up after the installation
> > is done. The boot partition is ext2ro and I've already tried to put
> > all the other partitions like that but still there's no result.
>  - Can you check whether the "bootable" flash is set on the boot
>    partition (i.e. the first partition).

Flag, not flash, I presume.

>  - Can you boot CoLo from the network (as you did for the installation)
>    and then tell it to start Linux from disk.  Does this work?
>  - Do you have a serial console?  If so, what does it say?
>  - Do you have a smaller disk?  Some people claim disks over 30 GB
>    don't work for them.

FYI, I upgraded my RaQ2 with a 120 GB disk. The original firmware
didn't boot it, so I flashed Colo (the version from etch) in.
Works nice again. :-)

I'm not entirely sure if the original firmware is actually
incapable to boot from 120 GB disks, I noticed too late the
"cable select" jumper was set as factory default, which
prevented Colo to boot from it as well.


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