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Cobalt RaQ2

Dear sir

I'm trying to install a debian kernel on a cobalt raq2.  I already used
the instructions as described on the site and the installation itself
(through ssh) goes perfectly.  The system doesn't report any error.
However, the system doesn't start up after the installation is done. The
boot partition is ext2ro and I've already tried to put all the other
partitions like that but still there's no result.  
At the moment I'm using a hard disc of 80 Gb because I don't want to
erase the original hard disc of 16 Gb yet. 
I also put the partitions as they were on the original disc (because
this disc still starts up with a cobalt os) but this doesn't help
I just want to use it as a dns resolver and therefore I only want debian
with bind9 on those sets.

If you could help me out with the problems I'm having I would be very

Yours sincerely,

Raf Vanreppelen

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