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Re: Several packages whose page size is 4k.

As far as we know they are the only three(now two).

The way to check:
   readelf -l executables or dynamic libs (e.g. /bin/ls or /lib/libcap.so.1)

  If the "LOAD" segments in program header has "Align" of 0x10000, it is
ok.if it is 0x1000, it is problematic. We can write a script auto check
this, but in practice we meet only that three.

Martin Michlmayr 写道:
> * Fuxin Zhang <fxzhang@ict.ac.cn> [2007-05-16 11:54]:
>> Most packages in debian etch are built using new binutils, so they are
>> working fine with a kernel using 16KB as its page size. But we do find
>> that in base system there are three exceptional packages: ed, mawk and
> I've asked for these packages to be recompiled.
> Do you know how many packages outside of the base system have this
> problem?

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