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Re: gcj-4.1 on mips

>>>>> "Martin" == Martin Michlmayr <tbm@cyrius.com> writes:

>> However it turns out I was a bit wrong.  Apparently the libffi
>> closure API does work for the MIPS o32 ABI -- just not the other
>> ABIs.  However, it is still not enabled in libgcj (but that is
>> trivial to change).  So if you are using this ABI you may be in
>> luck.

Martin> Yes, that's the one we use.

Oh, good.  In that case first try a 'make check' in the libffi build
directory.  Then edit libjava/configure.host to set
libgcj_interpreter=yes for your platforms, and rebuild libgcj.
Then try your test again.


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